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My only golf teacher, since the time I was two years old, has been my father, Angel
de la Torre

Several years before I was born, shortly after World War I, my father had met Ernest
Jones, an English golf professional, while playing tournaments in Europe. Ernest
Jones had been wounded during the war and as a consequence had lost his right leg.

Perhaps this injury made it necessary for him, already a dedicated golf professional,
to search for what really was of basic importance in the golf swing. In any case, he
arrived at a concept that was very new, very different, and in many ways
revolutionary in the teaching of golf.

Ernest Jones and my father shared a passion for the game and, as they became
lifelong associates and friends, their teachings eventually merged into a single

When both families eventually settled in the United States, the de la Torres and the
Joneses spent many evenings together and their discussions, along with my very
early experience in Spain, shaped my attitude toward golf and the golf swing.
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