Understand the Golf Swing
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Surrender to the importance of the club and its movement

Swinging is the most energy-efficient method of producing the force necessary to
hurl an object a great distance. This is in comparison to many theories regularly
advanced for propelling the golf ball. Some of these are so complicated that it is a
wonder to me that those who propose them really feel they can be taught, let alone
learned by any individual.

The golf swing I teach is a simple and natural movement. It is sound and easily
understood. It is not a series of actions or parts which, even if they could be
learned, can be put together consciously to achieve a smooth movement.

Think of how you produce your signature. Is your attention on the movement of the
hand and arm, or is it on your mental picture of what you want to produce? So how
can anyone learn to perform the golf swing by trying to imitate the body positions of
others? Was David thinking of how his left arm should be when he used his sling
against Goliath?

The most enjoyable thing for my students is that they have only a few things to keep
in mind while executing a golf shot. After learning this approach, you will not have to
think about distractions such as:
•        Keeping your left arm straight
•        Keeping your head down
•        Consciously shifting your weight on the forward swing
•        Keeping your elbow close to your body
•        Pulling down with your left hand to start the forward swing
•        Snapping your wrists to generate power
the Swing
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