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Golf professionals teaching Manuel de la Torre's approach to golf

Mark J. Croft, PGA Member
Head Golf Instructor
Las Barrancas Golf Course

Most golf instruction is full of confusion. The de la Torre method will free you from
confusion and allow you to use the golf club properly, empowering you to develop a
simple and repeatable golf swing. It works, and it is simple. Most golfers allow too
many thoughts to interfere with what they are trying to accomplish. The de la Torre
method will free your mind and your spirit so you are able to play better golf.

My personal suggestion would be for you to purchase the golf swing bible,
Understanding the Golf Swing," as well as the DVD in order to begin understanding
and enjoying better golf. If you really want to improve your overall golf performance
and rid your life of confusion and needless frustration concerning your golf game,
begin learning this method immediately.

It is my pleasure to personally invite you to my lesson tee, where your golf swing
aspirations can come true. If you wish to schedule a golf lesson, attend one of my
teaching seminars, or organize a seminar for a golf group -- contact me at the phone
number or email address listed above. Thank you for visiting the web site, and I hope
what you have learned today will be the start of a new and brighter future for both
your golf swing and your game.

Ted Purdy, PGA Member
Moon Valley CC

Lifelong de la Torre / Ernest Jones swinger. PGA Tour winner.

Dave More
Desert Sands Golf Club
1922 S. 74th St.
Mesa, AZ 85208

I have been teaching de la Torre concepts since 1985 when I worked for Bob Brue at
Ozaukee G.C. in Milwaukee, WI. I like the concept because it is based on the
simplicity of a swing—swing the club from one side to the other in the direction of
your target.

Fred Cook
Teaching in Southwest Arizona


Young Park
Royal Vista Golf
20055 E. Colma Road
Walnut, CA 91788


Danny Harvanek
PGA Master Professional
The Golf Club at Bear Dance
6630 Bear Dance Road
Larkspur, CO 80118

I love to teach. I have taught the de la Torre system exclusively for 25 years. I have
watched Manuel at countless seminars provide students with immediate success. I
require the same of myself. Golf instruction should be easy to understand, simple to
do and provide positive results.

Manuel has been a mentor in golf and a mentor in life. My relationship with Manuel
is a treasured gift. As three-time Colorado PGA Professional of the Year and 2003
Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year, my lesson tee is dedicated to his legendary
instruction and his passion in “search of better golf.” Upon reflection, it has been a
privilege and an honor to have been taught by one of golf’s teaching legends,
Manuel de la Torre.

Tim Grove and Craig Palmer
The Swing Shop@Englewood
2101 W. Oxford Ave.
Englewood, CO 80110

Manuel de la Torre, through Ernest Jones, has brought the golf swing to the most
basic level ever. He has reduced the swing not to a few concepts, but to one
concept. This concept is simple. It is easy to understand and easy for the students
to perform. It is so simple that even some professionals have trouble comprehending
its simplicity, especially in light of the overwhelming amount of information available
today. Think about it. Concepts should be simple. Concepts should also be able to
be proven, and Manuel proves his concept through physics and geometry. Laws of
science cannot be disproved, as can theoretical statements. In short, this is the
easiest way to learn golf ever developed.


Al Frazzini
Al Frazzini’s Golf School
Kissimmee Oaks GC
1500 Oaks Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34746

I have known Manuel for over 40 years both personally and professionally. He has
been my swing coach and teaching mentor during this time. I believe in his teaching
method and interpretation of the golf swing and us it exclusively ay my golf schools. I
have attended his seminars and spoken with him many hours in my quest to acquire
his information and improve my teaching ability. His knowledge of the golf swing, his
presentation of the principles and his communication skills are unparalleled among

Patricia Kimball
LPGA Master Teaching Professional
Rogers Park Golf Course
7901 N. 30th St.
Tampa FL 33610

I have been working with Manuel de la Torre since 1968 -- first for four years as an
amateur and then after joining the LPGA Teaching Division in 1973. I have been
teaching Manuel’s concept for 31 years and have no desire, nor reason to change
concepts, nor teachers.  I have not found any concept, way or description that
makes the swing more simple, easy to perform and easy to duplicate, time after
time.  Any child or senior, and anyone in between, including club and tour
professionals would have no problem learning this concept.  His principles cannot be
denied, physically nor mathematically.

I was nominated for teacher of the year three times. Executive Golfer’s Magazine
placed me on their list of the World’s Greatest Golf Professionals in 1994 and 1995. I
have taught junior champions, club champions and club and tour professionals.

In South Bend, Indiana, while teaching at a golf range, my boss had me give six half-
hour instructional lessons for TV instead of following the normal advertising route.
During that same time I gave golf tips for 36 different golf commercials on TV.  I have
also done a lot of “swinging the golf club” to make money for many different
charities. I have been guest speaker at several seminars for the LPGA. I have worked
at length with the handicapped and specialized in teaching people with body
ailments, (i.e., back, legs, hands, etc.). I have also worked with clinics from clubs to
the LPGA tour. I’ve won the senior championship, LPGA Teaching Division, in 1988,
1996, and 1998. I also won the LPGA National Championship in San Diego in 1987.

I am semi-retired but find it hard to turn down a person that wants to learn how to
“swing the club” and enjoy golf more.  The past three months, I have had several
students with 10 to plus 2 handicaps come to me for help. One of my students will
try to qualify for the Nationwide Tour in May.  He is ready but the money isn’t
there. I guess the day I drop will be the time that I stop teaching the “de la Torre”


John L. Swenson
Lippold Park Family Golf Center
1251 W. Rt. 176
Crystal Lake, IL 60014

I have been teaching golf for 38 years. I went through every teaching seminar I could
find to learn a philosophy of teaching. Then I went to the N.G.F. Seminar at Hueston
Woods in Ohio (1968) and heard Manuel for the first time and knew that was how I
wanted to teach. I followed up and took lessons from Manuel, watched him teach
countless times, communicated with him, brought my staff to him and have attended
his seminars in Arizona. He is my guru, and he is the best. His book is my golf
instruction “bible.” I love this man, and he is responsible for the countless fun and
years of success I have had teaching! I will always give him credit for my success over
so many years. I hope I can teach as long as him.


Martha Nause
Women’s Golf Coach
Macalester College
1600 Grand Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55105


Ed LeBeau
Heartland Golf School
PO Box 410623
St. Louis, MO 63141

Our three-day golf school curriculum has been developed based on Manuel de la
Torre’s golf swing concepts. Students completing our training find that both the
book, Understanding the Golf Swing, and the DVD parallel their experience at
Heartland Golf Schools. We recommend the book and the DVD as a valuable
reference set to assist the golfer in their improvement. For those players using the
book and or DVD before attending school, they find that Heartland is an excellent
opportunity to further discuss Manuel de la Torre teachings and to get questions
answered in the context of these teachings. For years we have had the opportunity
to employ his teaching and enjoy the delight of students who have very satisfying

Scott Oulds
Greenbriar Hills CC
12665 Big Bend Blvd
St. Louis, MO 63122

David Furlong
Ballwin Golf Club
333 Holloway Rd.
Ballwin, MO 63011

My relationship with Manuel and his teaching began in the mid to early 80's when I was
searching for a better method to use for my teaching of the game to my students. I
have attended numerous De La Torre Teaching Seminars over the years. So many that
at one of his seminars in Phoenix Manuel pointed at me and said, “this man has attended
every one of my seminars.” Of course, that's not exactly true, but, I have attended many
of them. It's been an honor and a privilege to work with Manuel not only on my own game,
but, to watch him work with others. His explanation of how the swing works, the principles
involved and the examples that he uses have been invaluable to my growth as an instructor.
Manuel changed not only my way of teaching, but, my life as well. I will be forever in his debt.


Steve Grosz
Firethorn Golf Club
9301 Firethorn Lane
Lincoln NE 68520

I have been teaching golf for 15 years. The de la Torre concepts take away most of
the mechanical swing thoughts that actually prevent golfers from improving. These
concepts use golfers’ natural abilities and maximize what they have.


Lee Roberts
Golf Professional
Meadow Lakes Golf Club
Prineville, OR 97754

Golf is both fun and made easier by learning the golf swing fundamentals early on.  
Receiving some help on what to do with your hands and feet as you set up to swing
the club goes a long way in having early success with the game.  Developing a pre-
shot routine that is repeated on every golf shot removes much of the doubt as to
what to do in swinging.  Once the pre-shot routine is set then swinging the club
back and forth is very doable.  Swinging the club with rhythm and timing then
becomes repeatable.  

I have been fortunate in being able to learn how to do the above things while taking
part in schools put on by Manuel de la Torre using his swing methods.  Taking the
tension out of the arms by making them feel like "cooked spaghetti" as Manuel says
makes for a free flowing motion with the arms and body.  Golf is not always easy, but
it is something you can do if you take the time to ask for and get competent
professional instruction.


Gary Pickle
Teaching Professional / Clubmaker
205 Cliffdale Drive
Euless, Tx 76040

Manuel's in the Hall of Fame for his "concept" as opposed to the "flaw and fix
it" approach. However, that doesn't completely do him or his "concept" justice.
Manuel's "concept" has more to do with what one does with the mind than what one
does with the club. He's the unheralded Master Mental Manager. His "concept" is
the epitome of what George Knudson meant when he said, "We swing a golf club the way
we perceive a golf swing." And so, when Manuel, the Master Mental Manager,
"unmuddles" the mind by providing a clear, logical and scientific thought
process, a "perception" or "concept" is born that then allows one to "swing the club".


Erin Szekely
Carnation Golf Course
10636 NE 154 PL
Bothell, WA 98011

After years of struggling with my own swing, I searched for not only a better
understanding not only of the swing, but golf in general. I became an LPGA teaching
pro in 1996 and found that Manuel’s principles and ideas about golf were not only
easy for me to follow, but much easier to teach. They just made sense to me. I had
always felt that the teachers I went to were making the swing more difficult than it
needed to be. It was a privilege to be in Manuel’s DVD, Understanding the Golf
Swing. I have learned so much from him.

Ken Kubitz
Lake Spanaway Golf Course
7037 Browns Point Blvd. NE
Tacoma, WA 98422
(253) 531-3660

As a member of Manuel’s teaching staff from 1963 through 1966 at Milwaukee C.C.,
Manuel had me begin to learn to use his teaching concept by giving group lessons to
the juniors on Friday mornings and the caddies on Mondays. He always supervised
these sessions. I always listened to the ideas and watched him while he instructed
club members, and visiting PGA and LPGA professionals. I witnessed the process of
how Manuel got Carol Mann to win the U.S. Open and Pam Barnett to come within a
shot of doing the same. Pam is currently Ted Purdy’s and Jonathan Kaye’s instructor.

I’ve attended all ten of Manuel’s annual teaching seminars at Moon Valley Country
Club in Phoenix. For the past 27 years I’ve used Manuel’s concept exclusively,
whereby we get the student to be aware of what they are doing with the club
instead of trying to create body positions at certain points in the motion. With no
advertising I have given at least 27,000 golf lessons. It has all been by word of mouth.


Greg Guenther
Rolling Meadows Golf Club
560 W. Rolling Meadows Dr.
Fond du Lac, WI  54937

Manuel's teaching system has been the foundation of our lesson program here at
Rolling Meadows for the past 24 years.  His simple concepts produce fast results and
a solid medium for game improvement.  While other methods have run their course,
the de la Torre System continues to be the groundwork for not only our younger
players, but also an ongoing reference for the more accomplished player.

All aspects of the game can be greatly improved by simplifying the approach, and
Manuel's method provides us with those principles. Golf instruction at Rolling
Meadows continues to be an outlet for an "Understanding of the Golf Swing."
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